List of Other Websites related to Humanism in India

Promoting Science and Free Thought in India

The official website of

Indian CSICOP (Committee for Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal)

Here you can find the investigations and debunking of all sorts of paranormal claims by famous Miracle-Busters ? late Premanand, Narendra Nayak and Prabir Ghosh

This website has plenty of articles and info about Atheist Center (Gora & Lavanam)


Nirmukta Community

- Freethought Community Portal


Indian Sceptic

- Official Website of the Indian Committee For Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal


Nastik wiki

- A wiki site for the Indian Atheists



- Website about Charavaka's Philosophy


Scientific Indians

- Combating Superstitions through knowledge of Science


Indian Skeptic

- Blog Site of an Indian Rationalist


Rational Thoughts

- Community Site of Freethinkers, Rationalist, Secular Humanists and Atheists.


New Age Crap

- Exposing the Superstitious Crap that is being falsely promoted as Scientific


Bigot Blog

- Blog site of Siddharth - A Creative Artist


Cultural Naturalism

- Website sharing Secular, Natural and Cultural Worldview



- Blog Site of a Humanist from India