List of Humanists/Rationalists/Social Reformers of India

Past-Contributors Present Activists Popular Personalities Humanists though Religious


1. The list is not exhaustive. We shall update as we collect more and more information about the other contributors to Humanist Cause.

2. Readers' suggestions are welcome to enhance the List.


Babu Gogineni International Director, International Humanist & Ethical Union

Narendra Nayak President of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA), Active Anti-Superstition Campaigner

Prabir Ghosh, Founder - Science & Rationalist Association, President Humanists Association, Kolkata,  Active Anti-Superstition Campaigner,

Megh Raj Mitter Founder Tarksheel Society, Punjab

Innaiah Narisetti President, Center for Inquiry, Hyderabad