List of Other Websites related to Humanism in India

Thought and Action

- Official Journal of Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samitee (Anti-Superstition Organization of Maharashtra).


Modern Rationalist

- Information about Periyars Movement, and Rationalist Views from Dravidar Kazhagam, Tamil Nadu



- Promoting Science, Freethought and Secular Humanism in India


Nirmukta Community

- Freethought Community Discussion Forum


Nirmukta - Indian Atheists

- Atheist Activity Page of Nirmukta Group


IndianSceptic - Indian CSICOP

- Official Website of the Indian Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - Indian CSICOP Founder Convener: B. Premanand

Here you can find the investigations on all sorts of paranormal claims and their debunking done by famous Miracle-Busters from India - Basava Premanand, Narendra Nayak and Prabir Ghosh


Positive Atheism -India

- This website has plenty of articles and info about Atheist Center (Gora & Lavanam)


Rational Thoughts

- Blog Site by Freethinkers, Rationalist, Secular Humanists and Atheists from Kerala.


India Atheists


Indian Atheists Discussion Group


The list given here is not exhaustive. 

We shall update as we collect more and more information about the other organizations. 

Readers are welcome to Inform Us about other Online Resources known to them.